When and how will I receive my purchased beats?

Beats will be delivered in high quality (44100-16bit-Stereo)wav format, and 320kbs mp3 format instantly via download page and e-mail. You will also receive a PDF licensing contract for the beat you purchase. Download Links will be available for 72 hours (3 days).

When and how will I receive my purchased Sound/Sample Kits?

Sound/Sample Kits are delivered in high quality (44100-16bit-Stereo)wav format instantly via download page and e-mail. Download Links will be available for 72 hours (3days).

I did not receive an email for my purchase?

Make sure to check your spam folder for emails from our website.

Are sound tags or producer tags removed after I purchase a beat?

Yes, all producer tags are removed from the files once you’ve purchased a license.

Do you offer discounts if I buy in bulk?

We offer discount/promo codes for all licenses. You can follow us on YouTube and Instagram to receive the latest updates.

How do I credit the producer if I use a beat?

For Mixtape, Album, YouTube, Facebook, Soundcloud, and other video/audio websites: “Produced by: Payday – www.OfficialPaydayBeats.com”

What if someone buys Exclusive Rights after I purchased a license?

Licensing a beat before Exclusive Rights were sold, enables your license to remain intact. However, you will no longer be able to purchase additional rights to the same beat if exclusive rights are sold. We encourage you to buy the exclusive rights as soon as you realize you need such rights due to this first-come first-serve policy.

Can I buy Exclusive Rights later if I purchased a license first?

If Exclusive Rights have not already been sold then yes, you can upgrade your license to an Exclusive Rights contract.

Can I exchange a beat I purchased or receive a refund?

Because our beats are considered “intellectual” property, we do not offer refunds in order to prevent infringement and fraudulent orders. Some exceptions can be made with beat exchanges; if you ordered the wrong beat you must e-mail us immediately after your purchase and tell us which beat you meant to buy. (all downloads are tracked and time stamped so please do not download the wrong beat or we cannot exchange it).

What are Trackouts (stems)?

Trackouts are full length, high quality tracked out wav files for enhanced, in-depth mixing and mastering. Each part/instrument of the beat is separated so the kick, snare, bass, piano, string, etc. are all separated. This is a must-have option when mixing your tracks in a professional, industry-level environment where the engineer (or yourself) may need to customize the mix around your vocals.

Is it safe to buy beats on OfficialPaydayBeats.com?

Yes, OfficialPaydayBeats.com purchases through PayPal.com are processed through PayPal’s secure website. No credit card information is saved on our website.

Can I download a beat just for listening or freestyling?

Yes, but beats downloaded without a license can only be used for small non-profit and non-commercial purposes. Yngsou can not make any money using our beats unless you first purchase a license. Acceptable non-profit and non-commercial formats include recording a song over one of our beats and posting the song on your personal website or a community page (i.e. Facebook, forum, etc.) for free download, burning CD’s for friends and family, putting out a demo or mixtape on a limited basis (100 copy limit) to hand out for free.
If you use one of our beats you must also remember to give credit to
“Produced by: Payday – www.OfficialPaydayBeats.com”

What are the differences between licensing options?

View Full License details on the Licenses page.

Can I monetize my YouTube video or join the ContentID program?

With a Basic License or Premium License you are not allowed to monetize your video on YouTube, Vimeo, or any other video streaming websites. With an Unlimited License you are allowed to monetize your video but only the video that you create and own.

Some distribution websites such as TuneCore, The Orchard Music, CD Baby, etc. offer artists the service of signing up and submitting their songs to the YouTube Content ID program. Signing up to the YouTube Content ID program is not allowed with any purchased license and joining this program will result in the termination of your license contract and legal action may be taken against you by our company. Please carefully go over the options when signing up with a distribution service or website and make sure you do not sign up to any content id service or submit any recorded songs over our beats into the YouTube Content ID program.

I received a copyright claim on my YouTube video?

If you download a beat without a license (or purchase a Basic or Premium License) and upload your recorded song to YouTube, you may receive a copyright claim stating that your video contains copyrighted material and ads will be placed on and next to it. This is normal and expected and there’s no need to be alarmed, your YouTube account will not be penalized. If you would like to monetize your video on YouTube you will need to purchase an Unlimited License.

With an Unlimited License, you’re allowed to monetize your own video with ads. If you still received a copyright claim on your video please contact us with the claim details and we’ll get the claim removed from your video so you can monetize it.

Please note that no matter the license you purchase, you are not allowed to join the YouTube Content ID program or any other content id service that websites such as TuneCore, Rumblefish, CD Baby, etc. offer their artists. Joining any content id program may result in legal action taken against you.

For additional questions not found in our FAQ, please email us at info@OfficialPaydayBeats.com